Operation Materials Testing Lab Expert Witness Tour

Last week I had the opportunity to visit with a few of our expert witnesses to find out more about their expertise as it relates to legal cases and expert witness work. One of the experts I caught up with has a materials testing labs in Orange County, CA.

The Engineers spent a lot of time with me demonstrating and explaining their materials testing procedures. One of the many ways this expert can help attorneys with product liability cases is they have the ability to place an item under a microscope and discover imperfections the human eye cannot see. Can you see WHO is sitting in the middle of this penny in between the columns? Since I saw it with my own eyes at the lab and I am not sure you will pick this up on a computer screen I will go ahead and tell you that Abraham Lincoln is sitting in the middle of the penny. If you have a product that needs viewed for a more clear view, this expert might be an option for you.

This lab also has technology to be able to see inside an item, (lithium battery for example) without taking the item apart. They can non-destructively test and detect if the product failed (blew up) because it was defective or possibly made with defective, cheap or replacement parts.

I learn a lot from our amazing group experts and want to meet as many experts as I can in order to help our attorney clients define the best expert for the case.

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