Important Questions You Should Ask Your Next Expert. (And Why)

What makes you qualified to assist with our case?

Asking this allows the Expert to share more of their expertise with you, making the Expert even more valuable.

Have you ever been prevented from testifying?

If yes, be sure to ask for details.

Can you meet our deadline?

Be sure to communicate your due date and the time you want the work turned in. We suggest asking for the work a bit earlier than your deadline to allow for any accidental delays.

Have you ever testified for or against the opposing party?

This will ensure there are no conflicts.

Can you shed some light on your previous litigation experience?

You will want to determine how experienced the Expert is with litigation.

Do you have an attorney reference we may call? Or a sample of your writing style?

This is huge and you can find out a lot by asking for references and a writing sample.

(Or perhaps your Expert referral service will do this for you!)

Can you provide prior testimony, Internet reputation, criminal record, and any disciplinary actions?

This one seems self-explanatory. But don’t be afraid to ask.

How do you prefer to receive the materials to review?

This will save communication time later and oftentimes asking this question opens multiple methods for the Expert to receive the materials. (I.E. Potential monetary savings and time-saving question.)

Do you require the retainer check in your possession before starting on our case?

We don’t see this question asked enough, but it is extremely important to gauge when the Expert will start working for you.

Of course, when working with Expert Strategy Group, we have already asked these questions and more as part of our extensive vetting procedures.

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