We are very excited to be exhibiting at this year’s NJA virtual convention

If you are attending this year’s NJA Virtual Conference, here are some reasons to stop by the Expert Strategy Group booth.

  1. You can wear your sweats!

  2. You’ll meet the “Expert”- in Expert referral services. Or at least see a video of me. Let me know what you think. (An actor, I am not.)

  3. You will meet ESG. Actually, many of you have; we have worked with several Nevada law firms helping them find highly specialized Experts for personal injury, premises liability, medical malpractice, and complex business litigation cases.

  4. Coffee and Biscotti? It’s a giveaway!

  5. Learn About Our No Surprises Guarantee. Because when it comes to Experts, nobody likes surprises.

Link coming soon. See you there!

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