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About Expert Strategy Group 

Expert Strategy Group is a strategic partner to law firms for all of your Expert Witness needs. We have developed a unique technology platform that, when paired with our 1:1 client service model, creates a more precise degree of Expert matching to extremely specific litigation criteria.


Our diverse network of independent expert witnesses includes leading global industry executives, PhD's, senior managers, process and product experts, scientists, technical and materials experts, and supremely qualified medical professionals across all industries. We feel this focus allows us to zero in on thousands of expert categories.


  • We do all of the work in connecting law firms with experts who fit your case.

  • We are good listeners, asking the right questions to identify a selection of quality experts.

  • Experts can not pay to enroll with us. This means we will not present you with experts who are not a fit for your case. 

  • We will handle all of the credential searching, initial engagement communication, and expert matching for you.

  • We will only refer experts who are qualified and available to meet your time deadlines.

  • Solid referrals, quality matches, excellent follow-up, and communication to ensure the perfect match. 



Expert Witness Categories

We offer expert witnesses in all industries. Here are just a few of the expert categories we offer: accident, accounting, automotive, aviation, biomechanics, business, chemical, construction, dentistry, economics, employment, engineering, failure analysis, finance, firearms, hazardous materials, hotel, insurance, intellectual property, machinery, marketing, medical, nursing, pharmacology, product liability, psychology, real estate, security, securities, toxicology, technical, transportation, valuation, warnings. And thousands more expert witness categories. 



We do not list our independent expert's confidential CV information online or in a print directory. We use our own in house technology platform so we can pair law firms with the best (confidential) expert witness match.




How can we help you?

We can help you build your case, or build your Expert practice. Let's get started!

The content and links on are intended for general information purposes only. Any legal content and links on our website should not be construed as legal or professional advice or a substitute for expert witness litigation advice. Expert Strategy Group is not a law firm.  If you require legal or professional advice, contact an attorney or other suitable professional advisor.  


Our company is an expert witness referral service for attorneys and insurance companies for professional legal and litigation actions.  ESG does not answer legal questions nor are we an attorney referral service. If you are an individual seeking an expert on behalf of your attorney, your attorney will need to contact us and place an expert witness request with our company.


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