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Expert Witness

Enroll as an Expert 

Experts can fill out the contact form below and we will contact you to discuss your expertise.

You can also Email your CV/resume, hourly rates, and litigation history to

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By joining Expert Strategy Group, you will instantly receive exposure to potential clients and opportunities, all for FREE. There is no fee for experts to enroll or work with us. We feel as if this is the best way to ensure we are providing the attorney exactly the type of expert they need to help define a set of case facts. 


When enrolling with our professional network of experts, you will give us relevant information regarding your current and past experience as well as a recent CV file, hourly rate information, attorney references, professional photo, contact preferences, background checks, published articles, and a recent case list.


We accept experts in all industry categories. Medical and non-medical. We welcome consulting companies to enroll with us.


We do not publish our experts' CV information, fees or personal information in a print directory or online listing.  Rather, the information our experts submit to us is kept in our confidential in-house database.  Our ESG staff will hand select assignments based on the qualifications and skills listed on your CV which mean's less time wasted on cases that are not a fit.  


When we receive cases that match your skills, experience, education, location and availability, ESG will contact you right away. If the initial criteria is met, you will have the opportunity to inform us if you are interested in discussing the sensitive case details further with the client. You are never obligated to accept a case from ESG and you can always accept assignments from other firms. 


In the event a match has been established, you will be connected with the client and an ESG case evaluator for a telephone conference to discuss further information and case assignment details. Once an expert referral has been made, Expert Strategy Group steps out of the way to let you and the client go to work. 


We look forward to working with you! 





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