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One stop for all of your expert witness needs

We are helping attorneys in the following areas hire the most precise specialty experts:


  • Insurance Defense Firms

  • Medical Malpractice Attorneys

  • Intellectual Property Lawyers

  • Business Litigation Attorneys

  • Personal Injury Firms

  • Sole Practitioner Attorneys

Contact us with information about the potential expert witness you are in search of. We will get working for you, right away, by thoroughly communicating important litigation specifics to potential experts in our network addressing possible conflicts ahead of time.  We will assure the experts we select for you are aware of the expectations of the case prior to presenting a qualified expert to you. We will determine the top experts for you to speak to and you can decide if the expert is someone you want to work with. 


Our experts can help you with litigation matters including:

Accountant malpractice

Bodily and personal injuries

Human factors

Business and commercial disputes

Patent infringement

Consumer fraud

Employment and wages

Common carrier/ transportation

Construction defects

Construction-site accidents

Contract disputes


Internet defamation litigation

Legal malpractice

Mass torts


Professional liability

Licensing disputes

Personal Injury


Real estate

Toxic tort

Wrongful death

Nationwide experts

We have experts available nationwide and since our company is located in Nevada we have a heavy concentration of experts located in Nevada, California, Arizona and Utah. 

Expert Credentials

Our experts are academically trained PhD's, senior managers, global industry executives, business owners, product experts, scientists, technical, materials, attorneys, professors, international speakers, authors, and medical professionals in all categories.

  • Our search and initial referral services are free to law firms.

  • We will send the experts CV's to you that match your case. For free.

  • You can talk to our expert referral(s) on the phone prior to hire. 

  • Once you choose your expert, you and the expert can start working. 

What we can do for you
Personal Service

We will walk you thru our process and stay in touch with you thru the entire search. We offer personal service with the same ESG expert witness referral specialist working from start to finish on your expert request. 

Experts love working with us

This creates a better working relationship between you and the expert. We offer clear communication, upfront case facts, and through case expectations to our experts before we make a referral to you. We will step out of the way once you have selected the expert you want to work with, this allows for clear communication between you and the expert.

Check out our testimonials. 

Not sure what kind of expert you need?

Contact us even if you are unsure what type of expert you need. We will recommend additional experts to match your case. You will be impressed with our searching services. 

Rush service available.

What kind of Expert are you looking for?
Fields of Expertise:

Here are just a few of the expert witness categories our referral service specializes in: accident, accounting, automotive, aviation, biomechanics, business, chemical, construction, dentistry, economics, employment, engineering, failure analysis, finance, firearms, hazardous materials, hotel, human factors, immigration, insurance, intellectual property, machinery, maritime, marketing, medical, nursing, pharmacology, product liability, psychology, real estate, security, surgeons, toxicology, technical, transportation, valuation, warnings.


Call us we can help!


We offer nationwide coverage also including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, San Francisco and Phoenix.




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