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Expert Witness Referral Services 

Helping Law Firms Connect with Quality Experts

We have access to thousands of industry and category experts in hundreds of areas of expertise. Let us show you what experts we have for you.  

How it works:


  • Contact us for a free expert witness consultation.

  • We do all of the work connecting law firms with highly specialized expert witnesses in thousands of industries nationwide.

  • We will begin searching the specific area of expertise, identifying a select group of highly qualified expert witnesses, to refer to you who are ready and available to help with your case. (In many industries we can present you with multiple expert candidates.)

  • We will send you the expert's CV, hourly rates, and prior case history for your consideration.

  • You can interview the expert on the phone before you make your final decision. (free of charge)

  • You select the expert witness you want to work with. 

  • There is no charge for us to show you the experts we have for you. 

15,000 + Expert Witnesses Worldwide (and Growing Daily)


Our experts are highly skilled
Expert categories we offer

PhD's, senior managers, global industry executives, business owners, product experts, scientists, forensic experts, researchers, technical professionals, materials experts, attorneys, professors, subject matter experts, speakers and medical professionals in all industries.

Our experts will help you

Our experts will discuss your case with you and provide their initial opinion. (Free of charge) After reviewing and examining the case facts, our experts will prepare a report or further define the case details for you. They will attend depositions, mediation, and trial. Our medical experts can provide independent medical evaluations or provide you with medical facts associated with your case. 

No obligation to get started

We have experts in thousands of categories such as:



Real Estate


Intellectual Property








Premises liability

Computer Scientists







Product Liability

We are never limited to a narrow area of expertise.  Click here for a complete list of the expert categories we offer.

Medical Biling



Food Service



Event Security

Police Practices





Our experts provide expert services to

Our experts provide litigation support to large and small insurance defense firms, business litigation lawyers, medical malpractice attorneys, intellectual property law firms, personal injury attorneys and sole practitioner attorneys. Plaintiff and defense cases. Large and small cases. 

  • Our search and initial referral services are free to law firms.

  • We will send the experts CV's to you that match your case. For free.

  • You can review the expert's credentials. For free.

  • You can talk to our experts on the phone prior to hire. For free.

  • We will send you as many expert CV's as you would like to be sure we have identified the right expert. All for free.

  • Once you choose your expert, you and the expert can start working. 

Use the form below to contact a representative. 

We welcome inquiries from law firms, consulting companies, and experts. 


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