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Power Electronics Expert

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Electronics engineering professional with experience in analog signal-chain circuits, AC and DC power conversion circuits, battery charging/monitoring/control systems, and embedded systems microcontroller applications. I have written three books in the area of electronic power conversion.  I have defined many mixed-signal analog, power management ICs, discrete devices, and microcontrollers. I have served as an expert witness for patent infringement cases in the areas of power and battery systems.


Analog & Digitally-controlled Switching Power Supply Design w Sensor/signal chain analog design wMCU-based System Design wMixed Signal Semiconductor IC Definition w Author w Expert Witness w Lecturer w Power Industry Recognized Expert Resource.


President, Lead Engineer

A self-operated consulting firm specializing in power/lighting/battery systems design and mixed signal semiconductor IC definition.  Technical advisor /expert witness for patent infringement lawsuits involving power/lighting/battery/semiconductor systems. 



Sr. Power and Analog Field Applications Engineer

I developed a digitally-controlled 40 A point of load (POL) synchronous buck converter reference design. I wrote a white paper analyzing the importance of POL regulators in multi-core processor environments and a paper on high-power white LED converters. I worked with the design engineers on the definition and design of the LED products, the digital controller products, and the analog SMPS products.  I took the initiative to work with distributors, sales representatives based on my experience.


Pr. Analog Field Applications Engineer 

Responsible for the western North America ( San Diego CA to Vancouver, UT, NM, CO, AZ) for the analog and power technical support for their analog and power products. I defined eight new analog/battery power management products and assisted with the definition and development for Microchip’s digitally-controlled MCU-based SMPS products. I wrote several in-depth analysis about the physical and silicon behavior of circuits in “real-world“ operating situations.


Energy Management Systems, LLC                                                                                                                          

President, Lead Engineer

A self-operated consulting firm specializing in power/battery systems design and mixed signal semiconductor IC definition. Some of the designs I produced were:  a near-earth satellite solar-powered power system, a full-resonant (LLC) switching power supply demo circuit and application note, defined a family of high-voltage isolated (non-optical) semiconductor driver product family, a consumer rechargeable battery charger, white LED SMPS drivers, a Bluetooth accessory, and many others.   Clients included; expert witness for patent attorneys, Ford (EV), NASA, Rayovac, Semtech,  ST Microsystems, Philips Semiconductors, Fairchild, Silicon Laboratories, Motorola and many others. I wrote and published a revision to my second book.



Semiconductor Product Sector                                                                                  

Market Development Manager in Power, Field Applications Engineer.

I managed a group of engineers that was responsible for identifying, defining, and creating new products within the power, battery, and lighting markets.  As a result of our efforts, we defined and created 8 new mixed signal, MCUs and discrete devices. I managed the development and marketing efforts worldwide within the lithium battery market. I wrote industry-leading articles and spoke at many cutting edge conferences.   I was a consultant to the Motorola Corporation on advanced power technology which not only included semiconductors but UPS systems, battery systems and reliable power system design. I earned two patents in the switching power supply and Li-ion battery system fields. I wrote two books within the power supply design field, the second of which is used as a required tutorial for incoming power engineers at several major corporations.  I was the top power FAE within Motorola SPS from 1989 to 1998.




Drexel University,  Graduated Cum Laudi. Majored in electronic control, power, and motion control. Minored in Mathematics.  Additional graduate courses in RF, control, and power.



Flyback Power Supply having a VCO-Controlled Switching Rate.

Method for Communicating between a Microprocessor and an Interface Circuit. 



Publications – Books, Articles, Conference Presentations, Expert Witness Cases, Professional Affiliations 

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